Iino Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. was
incorporated in July, 1899 in
Japan and during its long history
has built up to the present day
fleet of about 95 vessels comprising
3,487,942 mt deadweight.
The fleet is varied and spread
between Oil Tankers, Gas Tankers,
Chemical Tankers and Dry Bulk

Iino commenced its first activities
in 1979 into Ocean Going Chemical
Tankers and subsequently in 1990's
delivered a series of 13,900 mt,
19,500 mt and 30,300 mt deadweight type stainless tankers in order to meet the
exacting standards required by the chemical industry and also in line with the growth
of Middle East chemical products export.@Having the mixture of a variety of fleet size
(29 chemical tankers in total), Iino is now providing the most frequent service between
Middle East and Asian market offering customers with the utmost flexibility for their
trade in Asian countries and ports.

On top of these high standards and sophisticated chemical tankers, Iino also has the fleet
for Methanol transportation currently with 6 vessels varied from 20,000 mt, 30,000 mt
and 46,000 mt serving worldwide trade. Iino regards Methanol transportation as being
important in the future and has the ability to meet customer's requirement.

In 2001, Iino took further steps into the chemical shipping market by establishing joint
venture company, Allied Chemical Carriers, LLC. with Fairfield Chemical Carriers Inc.,
connecticut, USA and Antwerp, which is now deploying 6 units of their 19,500 mt
deadweight chemical tankers to meet Global market with a joint effort.

Iino's overall and ultimate objective is to provide customers with safe transportation to their
satisfaction and in order to achieve this goal, Iino is always ready to work for customer with
the most flexible size fleet and the most experienced staff around the clock.